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23 June 2016

Future of Water and Waste Water Management to be Shaped at IWE Istanbul Water Expo 2016!

Bringing under one roof the water and waste water treatment industries, IWE Istanbul Water Expo; as the first and only specialized exhibition of the industry continues to contribute effectively to the sustainable water and wastewater management projects in Turkey and the region. This year, the exhibition will be supported by The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs of Republic of Turkey, The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkish Republic, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Ilbank, Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, Izmir Chamber of Commerce and KOSGEB.
At IWE Istanbul Water Expo 2016 which will be held at İstanbul Fuar Merkezi between 1 – 3 September 2016, the exhibitors and visitors will get a chance to showcase their latest solutions and products, get together with decision makers, open up to new markets and get new investment opportunities. The conference, which will be held alongside the exhibition, which has become “the international meeting point for the region which encompasses Balkans, Middle East, Africa and CIS countries”, will contribute to the development and globalization of the sector and increasing public awareness about ‘water’ in our country where water resources are limited.
Organized by EUF – E Uluslararası Fuarcılık, an affiliate of ITE Turkey, the organizer of leading exhibitions in leading industries of Turkey, at Istanbul Fuar Merkezi between 1-3 September 2016, Istanbul Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Exhibition and Conference - IWE Istanbul Water Expo, will be bringing together the latest technologies and developments related to sustainable use of water resources, ensuring water savings, and treatment and recycling of waste water and the sector representatives from Turkey and abroad.
Tülin Bozkurt Bulut – Director of IWE Istanbul Water Expo, Turkey’s first and only specialized exhibition for the water and waste water technologies industry: “We’ll be organizing IWE Istanbul Water Expo, the first and only specialized sector-specific exhibition of water and waste water technologies industry in Turkey, for the second time between 1 -3 September 2016. The exhibition aims to become a regional meeting point for the industry by showcasing under a single roof; all technological innovations, equipment, products and services for the water and wastewater industries in Turkey and the region. The latest developments in the sector will be discussed by academicians, and representatives from public and private sector enterprises at the conference to be held alongside the exhibition.”
“Turkey’s new wastewater treatment facility is on the way”
As per the, the Waste Water Treatment Action Plan -2023 of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization the total number of wastewater treatment facilities, which was 653 in 2015, will be 2154 by 2023 with the addition of 1501 new facilities. 1418 of these facilities will be newly constructed facilities while 83 of them will be existing treatment facilities that will be upgraded. Accordingly, the total investment for wastewater treatment facilities for the period of 2015 – 2023 will be 37 billion 52 million TL. About the issue, Bulut said: “We know that due to rapid population increase, industrialization, uninformed water consumption and global warming, water resources are being depleted rapidly in our country. All these planned investments are vital to ensure sustainable wastewater management and to ensure that our country meets certain environmental standards fully. We believe that for all these new investments to be made, IWE Istanbul Water Expo is the ideal meeting point for private and public sector organizations and companies, investor companies and decision makers”.
“We must take immediate action for water security”
IWE Istanbul Water Expo Exhibition Director Tülin Bozkurt Bulut: “According to the “Sustainable Development Goals” report of World Bank, “water security” ranks number one in the global risk rankings. Usable water amount is expected to decrease by 40% until 2030 and world population is estimated to reach 9 billion, both of which are expected to result in a 15% increase in water consumption. According to the same report, 2,4 billion people across the word use untreated water, and 700 million people don’t have access to clean water. And in the coming years, GDP of countries that don’t have access to “usable water” is expected to decrease by over 7%” .
IWE Istanbul Water Expo where international exhibitors will be high will bring together decision makers from the government, water and sewerage administrations, and investment and operator companies and set the direction of the waste and wastewater technologies industry and continue to offer new business opportunities to sector’s professionals via the commercial platform it creates.